Marina WiFi

Here at Harbour West we offer complementary WiFi for all our boaters. Connecting to the WiFi requires a valid Username & Password that is assigned to your slip. Please be aware usernames & passwords are reset at the end of each boating season.

How do I connect to the WiFi network?
  1. Navigate to the Network settings on your WiFi enabled device.
  2. Scan for nearby networks. Please wait at least 30 seconds as some devices may take longer to find the network
  3. Connect to the HarbourWestMarina network.
  4. Once connected you will be prompted with a Harbour West Welcome page where you can enter your (case sensitive) Username & Password.
    • For older devices, if not automatically prompted, simply open any web browser such as Google Chrome or Safari and refresh the page.
  5. You are now signed in. Enjoy!

In order to minimize the number of times you need to log into the system on a daily basis, we recommend disabling “MAC Randomization”

Windows 10

  • Select the ‘Start’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Select the gear icon to go to ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Network and Internet’
  • Select ‘Wifi’
  • Set ‘Use random hardware addresses’ to ‘Off’
Google Pixel / Motorola / Other Androids:
  • Open the Settings app
  • Select Network and Internet
  • Select WiFi
  • Connect to the Wireless network
  • Tap the gear icon next to the “HarbourWestMarina” connection
  • Select Advanced
  • Select Privacy
  • Select “Use device MAC”
Samsung Galaxy:
  • Navigate to “Settings”
  • Select “Connections”
  • Select “WiFi”
  • Select the “HarbourWestMarina” connection
  • Tap the gear shaped icon next to the “HarbourWestMarina” connection
  • Select “Advanced”
  • On the next screen there is a menu labeled “MAC Address Type”.
  • Tap on “MAC Address Type”
  • Select “Use Phone/Device MAC”
Apple iOS 14 & Later:
  • Ensure your device is connected to a Wi–Fi Network
  • Open the “Settings app”, then tap “Wi-Fi”
  • Tap the “information button” next to your Plume network
  • Tap on the “Use private Address” toggle to turn it off
  • After, a privacy warning will pop-up