Harbour and Slip Update – May 19

The high water levels have created some adversity this season.

The gas dock will be closed until the water level drops. We require enough freeboard that a vessel can be tied to the gas dock wall safely and not end up in the parking lot from a vessel’s wake. We expect from the reports issued the levels will drop soon.


The City of Hamilton and Kroft have been working to get all docks completed. We do have slips available on the K, L, N, O, V, and W docks. Please contact the office for a slip assignment before arriving on the docks.

Detail work to finish the slips is ongoing. Kropf is requesting that boat owners attempt to limit their time on the docks to evenings after 7 pm and weekends, to allow work to continue during the day and expedite overall completion while maintaining safety for all.

Kropf is working closely with the City and ESA to resolve challenges around high water, electrical services, etc, and will provide a schedule to completion shortly.

They currently have a temporary power system which is intended only for items such as battery chargers and bilge pumps – it is not sufficient for running fridges, etc.

Plans are being made for a large temporary generator on shore to power all the pedestals on the Iroquois side dock system. Further details on the schedule for this will follow as soon as they are available.