Marina and Breakwater Update – August 4

Marina update, from Kropf.

Kropf had an emergency come up at the end of last week, so had to divert the crew for the start of this past week. Jordan is trying to set up the crew to be back on site Tuesday.

Jordan spoke to Rob (Groves) last week about having his guys take a look at those bathroom doors to see if they can be adjusted so the closers work better. They also did a pressure-test last week on the main water supply, he’s waiting to hear what the results were from that. Screen for the window in the men’s washroom has been ordered from the manufacturer.

While crew is on site, they will be installing the missing/damaged safety ladders.

Leon (Electrician) is planning to be back next week to install additional cable hangers on the ramp to support the electrical cables. He will also be checking on the areas where the loops of cable into the pedestals are a little long, and correcting them. Finally, he will be installing the two Firehouse pedestals that were missing on HPA’s B dock.

Breakwater update.

Ken advised his crew was on site last week, July 26th, to check on the breakwater and pump out two float tubes; this is the first time in approx. a month the tubes have had to be pumped out. The remainder of the breakwaters (still floating) are in serviceable shape, meaning they are providing the wave attenuation they were designed for. No Kehoe crews on site this past week.

Unfortunately, no new update on when the North breakwater will be resurfaced; possibly more after a meeting August 8.

The navigation lights that Kehoe ordered are expected to be in next week; they should be available for installation at the time of their next visit to check on the breakwaters.

If there are specific items that you would like information on in future updates, please let us know.