Harbour West Marina Breakwater & Haulout Update for September 14, 2018

City of Hamilton Update:

The following report was received from the City of Hamilton today:

 Quick update on the West Harbour Breakwater, based on discussions with the contractor, Kehoe Marine Construction, this morning.

  • Crew arrived on site last Sunday evening and began dewatering the float tubes on the breakwater;
  • Took delivery of floatation balls to be installed within the tubes for float redundancy
  • Removing silt and mud from tubes in sections that have been low since salvaging;
  • Redundant floatation has been installed in three sections to date; this operation will continue until complete.
  • Divers to mobilize to the site on Sunday; they will begin Monday adding additional barrels and adding more secure attachments such as welded chains to further prevent migrant barrels. They will also inspect all of the currently placed barrels to inspect attachment points and add air if necessary.
  • Divers will then move on to the North breakwater to begin salvage operations end of next week, or early the following week. Kehoe anticipates a week of work to salvage the North breakwater.

Haulout Update:

We have started taking reservations to schedule haulouts and are getting into the full swing of fall operations. The last day for available for a haulout is Wednesday October 31st. The winter storage season will commence November 1st and conclude April 30th.

If you have yet to book your haulout, please contact the office as soon as possible to book your date.  Dates are being quickly booked so book soon to get your preferred date.  Our office number for reference is (905) 525-3622.

When transiting your vessel to our haulout area, please be respectful of the extensive operations with divers in the water by staying clear and keeping your wake to minimum. This is important for the safety of everyone working in the area and the vessels being lifted in the marine lift well.

We will continue to keep Harbour West website blog updated.