Marina Construction Update – July 10

Work on the Marina reconstruction continues, and boaters’ patience throughout this process is much appreciated. We know you are interested in the latest status of the project, so please continue to visit this page for regular updates.

The season’s high water levels, rainfall and winds have been a challenge, but work is progressing toward an excellent final product.

The City of Hamilton has provided a detailed update on the City-managed portion of the construction project.
Please view the City’s update here:

Marina Project Update – July 10
Marina Project Update – June 26

Marina Project Update – June 19

Marina project update – June 12

Marina Project Update June 5
Marina Project update – May 26

Please use the key below to identify your dock/slip:

Kropf construction dock label Harbour West dock label (slip map)
A docks RHYC except for A6
A6 K
B1-B8 L,N,O,V,W
B7 O
C1-C7 A,B,C,D,I,J
C6-C7 D,J
C8 H
C9 E
C10 G
C11 F

Marina Project Update – July 10

Answers to some frequent customer questions about Harbour West Marina services:

Can I get a slip assignment?

Yes. We have slips available on the K, L, N, O, V, and W docks.  Please contact the office for a slip assignment before arriving on the docks.

Is the facility secure?

Yes. Gates are accessible only with your Harbour West security card.

Is there power at the slips?

The high water level means permanent shore power connection is not possible. The current temporary power system is intended only for items such as battery chargers and bilge pumps – it is not sufficient for running fridges, etc.. Plans are being made for a large temporary generator on-shore to power all the pedestals on the Iroquois side dock system; completion expected this week.

Water is available to fill your water tanks on your vessel at the Iroquois Pier pedestals that are located on the north side of the bathroom facilities. There is enough room to temporarily moor your vessel alongside the pier. Water on the dock system will be available when the lake water levels recede enough for access to tie into the main.

Are washrooms and showers available?

Full facilities are available on the Iroquois Pier. On the James Street Pier (A-J docks), a temporary amenity building will be available while the permanent structure is being completed.

What if my assigned slip has been occupied?

HW has been launching vessels since April, using the slips as they became available. As more slips are completed, booked slips will be vacated for their assigned customer.

Is the gas dock available?

The gas dock is now open.

Are garbage services available?

Yes, marina attendants are clearing garbage on a regular basis.

When will WiFi be available?

We will have the WiFi system operational shortly after the pedestals have been powered up.

Are you accepting new customers?

Yes. Please contact the office at 905-525-3622