Harbour West Attenuation Wall / Launch Update May 30

Update from City of Hamilton: 

Floating Breakwater

– The entire north float tube has surfaced as of the evening of Thursday May 17th.. Approximately 5 sections (east side) of the centre and south float tubes have surfaced; the remainder are still submerged.

– Kehoe Marine Construction is continuing with the placement of float barrels on the northeast breakwater, now attaching to the south float tubes.

– Work resumed Monday May 28th  attaching barrel floats to the south float tube.

– Kehoe has also placed another 4 salvage bags to the south float tube.

– On May 22nd, Kehoe attempted to pump compressed air into the south float tubes to help level the entire structure after making a temporary underwater repair. This operation was unsuccessful.

– Kehoe is optimistic that on Wednesday May 30th the entire breakwater will be afloat and level.

– Once the northeast breakwater is floating, Kehoe will turn their efforts to the north breakwater.


Marina Repairs

– Kropf forces will be reinstalling the two fingers at the south end of C10 dock.

– They have mounted the majority of the replacement finger hinges, and also gone over B and C docks checking for loose bolts, etc.

– Once the breakwater is floating and attenuating waves as required, the remainder of the fingers in the marina will be reinstalled.

– During the inspection, it was noted that some of the fingers that were still on C10 and C11 were exhibiting signs of fatigue in the finger hinges. Accordingly, they will be replacing the balance of the finger hinges on those two piers (an additional 11 fingers).

– Lynx Electrical  has been working on the wiring for the B5 and B7 docks.

– Groves is starting the plumbing work on those docks on Monday. We expect this electrical and plumbing work to be completed by June 5.


City of Hamilton Contact:

Ed English

Senior Project Manager

Waterfront Development Office

City of Hamilton, Public Works

(905) 546-2424  Ext.5461


We will continue to keep Harbour West website blog updated. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tristen, Lynn, or myself.

Thank You,

Kelly Flood

Marina Manager

[email protected]