Attenuation Wall / Docks & Amenities Update – June 1

Breakwater Update
Great progress has been made in the last couple of days to refloat the northeast breakwater so it is fully on the surface and level. Kehoe will be working Saturday, and will have placed 1,200 floats by end of that day. We anticipate that by early next week, the northeast breakwater will be floating and functional. Once the northeast breakwater is afloat, Kehoe will start working on the north breakwater. Since it is considerably smaller, it is expected to take less time to complete.

Docks & Amenities Update
Kropf will be on site Monday to start installing the fingers on the C10 and C11 docks (G and F dock, furthest west off James St. Pier).
Action has been taken on a number of service requests identified by boaters:
– Kropf’s plumber, Norline will be out to the site Friday to adjust the flush valves on the urinals.
– The shower curtains have been installed, and the door frames have been trimmed to fit without rubbing with the doors.
– Cabinets in the laundry room will be reassembled on Monday so HPA can install the washers and dryers.
– An excavator has been arranged for Monday at 8:30 to install new control wiring to the pedestrian gate. HPA will have IT staff on-site to wire it up asap.
– Installation has started on the card access system on the James St. dock. It is expected to be complete by mid-next week.

New Easy Service Request Tool
HPA has created a new helpline to ensure service requests and repairs are received and completed as quickly as possible. If you have a request, just email: [email protected]. A ticket will be created, tracked, and a follow-up notice sent to let you know when the work is complete.

Risk Notice
As you know, HPA has been cooperating closely with the City of Hamilton regarding the repair to the damaged breakwater. However, it is important to note that until such time as the breakwater is fully repaired or replaced, the mooring areas within the Marina may not be adequately protected from high winds and resulting wave action, which could result in injury to persons and damage to boats moored at dock slips within Harbour West Marina. More information can be found in your Summer Mooring Agreement, and you may choose to consult your own insurer with questions.

We will continue to keep Harbour West website blog updated. If you have any questions, please reach out to Tristen, Lynn, or myself.

Thank You,

Kelly Flood
Marina Manager
[email protected]