Attenuation Wall, Docks & Amenities Update – June 23

– From Ed English, City of Hamilton, with information from Kropf:

– The dive team has raised the north ramp off the Iroquois Pier. Kropf’s barge will be on site Monday to reattach – should be completed by Tuesday evening.
– Kropf is planning a four-person (possibly more, at various times) crew on site for all of next week, so that will still allow them to accomplish what had been laid out previously by the end of the week.
– The locksmith will be on site to re-key and standardize the amenity building doors. Awaiting a call-back from our carpenter sub on doing dryer vents and adjusting the doors.
– By the end of June, all the fingers will be reinstalled, decking panels repaired, cover plates repaired/replaced. Wifi poles, security fencing to follow.
– All pedestals have been reinstalled with water services connected. There are two fire pedestals remaining to be installed.
– Kropf will also ask the crew to set up a dock box installation that can be used as a template for HPA, and will provide at least the first batch of hardware so HPA can start installing dock boxes as required. Some of the hardware they had planned to supply for this got used up in the repairs, so they were waiting on more to arrive.
– Still discussing the urinal issue with Kropf and the plumbing contractor to determine if it’s a pressure issue or an adjustment issue.


– No changes here, with the exception that the insurance company that was supposed to carry out their inspections this week got delayed until Monday June 25th.
– The City of Hamilton’s engineering inspection has been carried out, as well as Kehoe’s Insurance engineers. Brian Riggs, the design engineer, has also carried out his own inspection.
– Kehoe is still waiting for the teams to complete their reports and recommendations prior to initiating a salvaging of the north breakwater. Ken has said his intention is to bring the north breakwater up as soon as possible after the reports are completed.
– Kelly had arranged for the markers to be moved to the north side of the north breakwaters. I have discussed with the HPA perhaps moving those markers so they are directly over the sunken north breakwater, but the HPA feels they are better to remain where they are to keep people from being directly over it.
– Kehoe has arranged for a crew to attend the site weekly to check on the breakwater, and adjust/repair/pump as needed to keep the breakwater level and floating.