Attenuation Wall – Docks & Amenities Update June 15


We will have a crew returning to the site on Wednesday afternoon, June 20th. Barring any emergencies, we will keep them on site until the end of June.

By the end of June, we expect to have the following items complete:

  • All fingers reinstalled,
  • Decking panels repaired,
  • Cover plates repaired/replaced,
  • Wifi poles reinstalled,
  • Security fencing installed,
  • All pedestals reinstalled with water service connected.

By June 22 we plan to have the remaining electrical and plumbing deficiencies dealt with.

City of Hamilton and HPA will work together to begin installation of dock boxes. Deployment will be affected by the supply of necessary hardware, as we are currently waiting for more to arrive.

A dive team is expected in on Thursday of this coming week to attach lifting straps to the missing ramp. A barge will be sent to the site the week of June 25th to raise it up and reinstall it.

We are aiming to have the door closing issue and the dryer vents dealt with before the end of June, subject to subcontractor availability.

The plumbing contractor is looking at the urinal issue to determine if it’s a pressure or an adjustment issue. More information to come on this item.