Harbour West Marina Hamilton

Attenuation Wall, Docks & Amenities Update – July 6


  • The ramp off the north end of the Iroquois Pier has been reattached. HPA to install security access pads. Security fence panels will be installed next week on the west side of the Iroquois Pier.
  • Kropf has arranged for the carpenter to install dryer vents. The design for the venting has been completed; once checked by an HVAC technician, it will be installed. The doors will be trimmed/adjusted at the same time the crew is on site for the dryer venting system.
  • Kropf informs that all the fingers have been reinstalled, and all decking panel and cover plate repairs/replacements have been completed. South section of B docks are fully ready to go; the north section has a few plastic fenders to be installed.
  • There are two fire pedestals remaining to be installed on B docks; they are in transit right now.
  • The urinal flush valve issue is pressure related. We had a meeting on-site this week with Kropf’s watermain contractor, Wm. Groves Ltd., their design engineer and the plumber will see if a pressure pump will solve the problem. We are on our way to solving the issue; continued patience is appreciated.
  • The dock box assembly and installation example has taken place, for use as a template for HPA to assemble and install dock boxes.


With information from Ken Kehoe:

  • The City’s engineer has not finalized their report as of this moment. We expect it by next week. It will be available for your review when available.
  • Riggs Engineering’s insurance company has carried out their inspection. We don’t have definite timing on the release of this report just yet.
  • Kehoe is still waiting for its insurance company, Travelers, to release their report. Ken has indicated that if they won’t release the report in the near future, he will push for a conference call to at least discuss the findings and recommendations. We are pushing to have this call mid-next week.
  • Ken maintains that his intention is to bring the north breakwater up as soon as possible after the reports and recommendations are completed.
  • HPA Port Patrol will be checking the lights at night to confirm the lights are working well.
  • Kehoe’s crew was on site early this week to check on the breakwater, and adjust/repair/pump as needed to keep the breakwater level and floating. All remains in working order.