Amenities and Breakwater Update for July 13

Marina update, directly from Jordan Kropf.

  • The security fencing along the Iroquois dock has been installed.
  • Dock fendering is all done.
  • All the finger cover plates, etc. are in place. There’s one threshold plate still missing on B5. Temporary plate installed.
  • Still need an HVAC to check the design for the dryer venting; once checked, it will be installed. The doors will be trimmed/adjusted at the same time the crew is on site for the dryer venting system.
  • There are two fire pedestals remaining to be installed on B docks.
  • The urinal flush valve issue is pressure related. No movement on this issue; will put pressure on again this coming week. Again, on our way to solving the issue; continued patience is appreciated.

Breakwater update, after speaking with Ausenco (City’s engineer) and MGB Claims (Adjuster for Travelers, Kehoe’s insurance company).

  • Ausenco has said their report will be sent over to us by Friday of next week. It will be available for your review when available. After discussing with Helen Jenkins of Ausenco today, they believe it is a design issue. They have reviewed nothing to-date that would point towards a manufacturing, assembly or materials issue with the breakwater failure. Also, their marine engineers have looked at the weather for that weekend, and the storm was nowhere near what would be considered a substantial event, as in a 100 year storm.
  • Paul McKenna of MGB Claims has told us that they do not have a written report at this time. In discussion with Travelers and their engineers, they also believe it is a design issue, for the same reasons as stated above by Ausenco. They have sent a letter to XL Catlin (Riggs’ insurance company) asking that they step up their investigations so we can move toward a resolution. I have asked for a copy of this letter. Paul said that they had a conference call scheduled for this afternoon to discuss status with XL Catlin.
  • Ken still maintains that his intention is to bring the north breakwater up as soon as possible after the reports and recommendations are completed.
  • HPA Port Patrol has gone past the site at night and confirms that the lights are in fact working.
  • Kehoe’s crew was on site again this week to check on the breakwater. It remains in working order.