Preparations are underway…

Now that Premier Doug Ford has authorized preparations to re-open some outdoor/recreational businesses, including marinas, our staff are working towards being operationally ready to start the season safely and efficiently once we get the green light. In the era of COVID and physical distancing, boating at Harbour West Marina may be different this year, but we are looking forward to getting you back out on the water! Our staff will ensure that you enjoy your season no matter what health or safety precautions we have to follow.

Storage Access

Marinas are still not open to the public at this time; however, we just got confirmation that contractors are permitted to come onsite to complete work on a boat – provided that they have a copy of their current insurance on file with us and abide by the social distancing guidelines we provide. Once we are given the go ahead to open to the public and allow customers onsite, we will let you know. 

Summer Slips & Storage

Over the next week, we will be reaching out to our 2019 slip customers to confirm your plans for the summer season. Our staff have also started reviewing availability so that we can begin to assign slips to customers who have placed their name on our wait list. 

If you’re interested in docking with us, please contact our office by phone (905-525-3622) or email to reserve or renew your slip with us if you have not yet already.

If your boating plans have changed, and you are looking to keeping the boat on land or in storage this season, please contact our office to let us know. This prior knowledge will  greatly assist us in scheduling boat movement in the yard.

New Distancing Procedures 

We are putting together new social distancing protocols for both staff and customers to follow – these policies will guide the boat launch process, and movement around our facilities and the marina slips. Once these are finalized, we will distribute the materials to all customers and post them on our website for you to review. All boaters will be required to adhere to the new procedures in order to ensure a safe and stress-free time on the water for everyone. 

As things change, we will keep you updated every step of the way this season. No matter what precautions we need to follow this year, we are here to ensure you have an enjoyable time! 

Please remember to check in with us to at 905-525-3622 or by email via [email protected] about your plans, concerns or questions for this upcoming season.

As always, thank you for your patience and cooperation as we move through this together. 


Kyle Auton
Marina Manager
Harbour West Marina