Waterfront Redevelopment & Marina Updates

As we look ahead to the 2021 boating season, we wanted to provide you with some updates, including the ongoing development that is taking place down at Harbour West. We are keeping in close contact with the City of Hamilton’s project managers so that we can relay any pertinent updates to you and to ensure that our boater’s needs are acknowledged and met throughout the development process. 

Guise St. Entrance & Parking 

  • There will be parking will be on-site, no shuttle bus will be needed. Please note however, that the black fence surrounding the area where the majority of boaters on the east side of the marina parked this past summer will be removed. This is where the new driveway, entrance, and boater parking will be located off Guise. A drop off round-about will be built right by the east dock entrance.
  • We will provide detailed map when we have confirmed the exact details of the new drop-off area, entrance, and handicapped parking.

New Gas Dock 

  • The former gas shack has been removed and the old tanks will be replaced. The fuel pumps & pump out are in the process of being relocated to a more accessible area at the beginning of the fuel dock to allow for greater ease in maneuverability and dis-embarkment.
  • We are also investigating the installation of a floating fuel dock attached to the sea wall which will improve docking ability and resilience to changing water levels.


  • The old office and storage warehouse will be demolished, and will be replaced with a portable office building directly behind the new fuel dock where we will operate all summer.
  • We will have staff onsite here 7 days per week for the entirety of the summer season in order to serve you better.

Storage and Re-opening

We would like to thank storage customers for their patience with the current lockdown measures in place until January 18. We will have more information about yard access for you next week. In the meantime, we have both Port Patrol & Marina staff monitoring the yard on a daily basis to ensure the protection of our boater’s assets and if we identify any issues, we will be sure to contact the boat owner directly.

These are the key updates that we have for you right now, and we will make sure to keep you informed throughout the winter as the development continues. We are very excited to welcome everyone back to a new and improved Harbour West Marina in 2021.

In the meantime, stay safe & healthy and please never hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. Feel free to call 905-525-3622 or reach out by email via [email protected].