Harbour West Marina Hamilton

Attenuation Wall / Docks Update – June 8


 Breakwater Update

The Northeast Breakwater is finally above the surface and attenuating waves. Kehoe is remaining on site, making arrangements for and attaching additional barrels for redundancy regarding flotation.

They will attempt to make small repairs to seal the cracks in the breakwater only – not for structural repairs. Kehoe is also attaching ‘keepers’ to the barrels that have already been installed, to prevent dislodging from the structure and floating away.

Ken Kehoe has advised that he will be waiting for the reports on the NE Breakwater condition before deciding how to approach the repair of the North Breakwater. He expects to have an update on that situation late next week.

Marina Repairs

Kropf has reinstalled the fingers on C10 and all but six on C11. They will be back on-site Monday to continue with the repairs/reinstallations.

All the water and power are on at the C10 and C11 docks. The B dock mains have been replaced, and Lynx Electric will be on site Monday to rerun the electrical to those. By the end of next week, all the B docks and fingers should be back to normal.


HPA has created a new helpline to ensure service requests and repairs are received and completed as quickly as possible. If you have a request, just email: [email protected]. A ticket will be created, tracked, and a follow-up notice sent to let you know when the work is complete.